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How To Find Us

How To Find Us

488A Sims Ave, Singapore, 387605

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm
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Voice Over Production & Recording

Voice Over Recording and Production Services

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Voice Over Production and Recording In Singapore

Narration at Speakeasy, the most respected voice in Singapore.

Speakeasy Singapore is your one-stop shop for all your voice over production and recording needs. You chose and you control your voice. Specialising in Asian Voices for the world market, using ISDN and phone patch, Speakeasy provides over 1,200 voice talent in over 80 languages.  Ask us how we can:

  • Convey your message – strengthen your commercials, instructional videos, or corporate news.

  • Shape your story – complete your apps, films, audiobooks, or video games.

  • Expand your reach – provide your followers audio guides, interactive voice telephone messages, therapeutic recordings, or religious sermons.

We offer only quality voices of native speakers, selecting those that best suit your requirements as well as your preferences. From that choice group, you decide which voice best represents you. Our experienced team communicates with you throughout the process, so you are never left in the dark, wondering. We know how to coach voice talent to produce the sound you need, and thus what you want your audience to hear. In addition, you have the opportunity to sit in during the recording session, virtually meeting the new voice of your brand and directing the talent to create the exact nuances needed to best convey your message. Afterwards, sit back and relax! We will match the audio to the video for you.

We provide voice over services for just about everything, including the following …

  • ADR, Dubbing, Voice to Picture, Movie Trailers
  • Documentary, Drama, Current Affairs, News
  • Commercials, Narration
  • Audiobooks
  • Video Game Audio
  • Audio for Apps
  • Audio Guides
  • Foreign Language Voice Over
  • Corporate: Informational and Promotional Content
  • YouTube, Vimeo and Website Promo Video/Audio
  • Training Videos
  • Therapeutic Voice Overs: Hypnosis, Meditation, Relaxation
  • Religious Voice Overs: Announcements, Continuity etc.
  • E-Learning
  • Interactive Voice Response, Telephone On-Hold Messages
  • Public Transport Announcements
  • Voice Over Artists – All Languages, All Regions

In addition to voice over recording, we can also offer the following:

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