Not satisfied with the sound of your music recording?

Look no further !!!

Speakeasy’s variable acoustics, “Big Room” is available. For recording groups of up to thirty plus pax, choirs, drums, guitars, big bands, sitars and tablas, you name it, there is more than enough room for everyone.

Just being in the studio will make you feel good, the quietness of the room, the noise level is extremely low. You don’t need to worry any external noise creeping into your recordings, and the variable acoustics of the room provide sweet spots, without the need for external manipulation.

A wide shot view from the Control room end of the BIG ROOM showing the carpeted and wooden floor sections.

The drum kit area with star filters

“The Big Room” was designed by world renowned studio designer Jeff Cooper. Room acoustics makes up about 10% of the sound of your recordings. Hear the difference of what good acoustics can make in your music recordings.

As its completely soundproof and centrally air conditioned, the space can also be used for shoots.

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