Singapore colourful busking and street music scene

Singaporeans may not be paying much notice to the busking and street music scene due to their hectic schedule, but somewhere between Shen Siong and Koufu at Commonwealth MRT, busker Ritun Kee shows us why you should to take a break just for a while.

Playing to a transitional crowd everyday, Ritun Kee tries to grab one minute of your time with his skills on the saxophone, in exchange for a few pennies.

It is not easy to be a busker. You need to be licensed and with that comes the fees. You need to pass the audition to show that you are competent. You have no paid leave or a guarantee of a comfortable pay check. That however did not deter people from busking.

According to Straits Times, the number of buskers under 30 years old have double last year. Many people use it as a new avenue to perform and market themselves, while others just take it as a new way to express themselves. Whichever it is, the rise in the busking trend is slowly gaining the recognition from the public as the crowd of bystanders grows steadily year after year.

As musicians and sound engineers, we at Speakeasy Digital in Singapore love and wholeheartedly support street music and street musicians.

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