Speakeasy Digital Private Limited

488A Sims Avenue Singapore 387605

Phone: +65 6844 0341

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How To Find Us

How To Find Us

488A Sims Ave, Singapore, 387605

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm
(Parking at rear of building)

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B Graham Butler (Barry)
B Graham Butler (Barry)Managing Director & CEO
Barry G. Butler (B Graham) CEO, survivor of Stone, Apocalypse Now and Deer Hunter, the company’s founder and Consulting Engineer, started Speakeasy in 1984 as the in-house audio facility of Yarra Films, the production arm of what was to become VHQ.

In 1986, Barry took Speakeasy independent, with the objective of improving the audio services available to film companies and clients, without being linked to any one in particular.

Since then, Barry has been continually upgrading Speakeasy Singapore’s services, investing in new equipment, keeping up with technology to maintain Speakeasy Singapore’s position at the forefront of S.E Asian audio services; Barry is also constantly looking for better & more efficient ways to improve Speakeasy’s product.

Felix Hoo
Felix HooSenior Sound Engineer
Felix was assistant engineer to A-list songwriting team, Espionage, who are responsible for hits like Beyonce, “Irreplaceable” , Chris Brown, “ With You”, Train , “Hey Soul Sisters” and Matthew Morrison, “Summer Rain”

In 2012, he got involved with prominent local artist/songwriter, Eli T, with a remix of the song “Hear Me” from Eli’s debut album, “Revolt”.

He performed alongside with Eli T in Mosaic Music Festival 2012, Men’s Fashion Week, Singapore Arts Festival and toured with him to New Zealand to perform in the Napier City Festival.

Felix engineers, writes music and with Barry is always looking for ways to improve Speakeasy’s product. He also looks after the day to day workings of of Speakeasy Singapore’s audio suites.

Bianca Kimble
Bianca KimbleSenior Producer and Researcher
Bianca handles all incoming queries, quotations, talent searches, auditions, supervision of production and delivery. Her attention to detail, high production values and awareness, enable smooth passage of product through the system.

An invaluable link in the production chain, Bianca is responsible for the smooth function of the offices, global marketing and client liaison.

Zoe Kay Li Tan
Zoe Kay Li TanRecording & Post Production Engineer
Zoë has worked as post-production audio engineer in several production houses since she left school. Joining Speakeasy Singapore in 2013, Zoë is in charge of Studio #1, where she exercises her recording, editing and mastering skills to produce a flawless product for Speakeasy’s clients.

One of Zoë’s considerable time saving talents is her ability to edit complex scripts on the fly to better fit time constrictions and/or to make the message clearer.

A masterful director, Zoe has the innate ability to get what clients want out of the talent.

Before joining Speakeasy, Zoë also managed local artistes, Tay Kewei, Micapella and Bonnie Loo for a locally-based Japanese record label.

Always eager to broaden her skills and knowledge, Zoë has recently started live sound mixing.