Speakeasy Digital Private Limited

488A Sims Avenue Singapore 387605

Phone: +65 6844 0341

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How To Find Us

How To Find Us

488A Sims Ave, Singapore, 387605

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm
(Parking at rear of building)

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Audio and Video Production In Singapore – A Brief History


Speakeasy Singapore is well likely to be Singapore’s most well recognised and established audio and video production house, brainchild of Barry Butler during a late night discussion with Chris Batson of Yarra Films, and a few of the then current rat pack, at Newton Circus in November 1984.

Busking and Street Music In Singapore


Singapore colourful busking and street music scene Singaporeans may not be paying much notice to the busking and street music scene due to their hectic schedule, but somewhere between Shen Siong and Koufu at Commonwealth MRT, busker Ritun Kee shows us why you should to take a break just for a while. Playing to a transitional crowd everyday, Ritun [...]

Personalized Globalization


“The world is shrinking,” many say. Globalization is a boon to many companies, not just Speakeasy. We enjoy the variety of expat voice talents in Singapore. We offer our experience of years working around the world. We excel localization services for multinational corporations. Yet growing too large can mean stretching too thin, which is why [...]

The Tricky Art of Subtitles


Subtitles. When they are good, we barely notice them. When they are bad, they are all we can think about. Remember Kanye West at Glastonbury? Preferred over dubbing, which often loses the flow, subtitles expand the audience reach of videos. Subtitles bridge an array of division – linguistic barriers, accent differences, hearing disabilities, and sleeping [...]

A Butler’s Speakeasy of Voice Overs


Barry Butler is the man behind Speakeasy Digital - the successful Singaporean audio post production company of over 30 years.  He has brought Speakeasy into her own with localisation services, including voice overs, subtitling, and music composition. He is a man of eclectic talents, but first and foremost in his life has been audio. Since [...]

Lion Studios and John Herbert – Speakeasy Digital Pays Tribute


A very sad goodbye to Lion Studios. No other sound studio in Singapore can claim the history and influence of Lion Studios. As the country's pre-eminent sound recording facility, Lion Studios were responsible for an enormous array of high-end, quality audio output. The studio also nurtured the careers of many talented music and audio professionals. After taking [...]

All Property Solutions Use Speakeasy For Voice Over Production


In April 2015, we were contacted by All Property Solutions, a property and real estate agency who wanted to discuss voice over production for a series of television, radio commercials and infomercials aimed at selling property in New Zealand to investors in Singapore on behalf of Conrad Of New Zealand. As [...]